Together We are Unstoppable - Let's Do This!

Join in the 10 Day Fit & Fun Challenge!

I'm into things that work. That are easy. Fun. Get results. Expect 10 days that are deceptively simple, and potentially game changing at the same time.

  • We'll kick the challenge off the middle of January. This gives us time to get all the "resolution stuff" behind us and we can get serious about what really matters - to you. 
  • Interested? I'd love to have you join in - just click here and we'll send you an invite. The challenge is held via email, online and offline and is completely free.
  • Let's make our time together rock!

For over 17 years, Kelly has been connecting people to movement through classes, recreational activities and worldwide adventures. She runs Bayou City Outdoors and is the host of the Body Mind Fit Connection podcast and the creator of Angel Tiger Fit.