Meet some Bayou City Outdoor Members

BCO Members make our world go 'round, and they get around the world! We've featured a few of many awesome friends.

Met her husband on an elephant...Joan joined BCO looking for camping buddies and ended up with a little more in her life than she had planned on. After being a member for a couple of years, she volunteered to lead a trip to Nepal. She had traveled there in the past and felt the call to return. Her BCO trip to Nepal included riding elephants, touring jungles, meeting tigers and then meeting and eventually marrying her guide. Joan has an amazing story to share, click her video for more.

Active, but not an active lifestyle...David lived in the burbs and found his life consisted of going to work, going to church and sitting in traffic. He decided it was time to make a change in his life and joined BCO. Already an avid cyclist and hiker, he cycles, even more, these days with BCO.  

He shares what he learned from the power of friends when he had a cycling accident. Hear what he has to share on his video.

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When you meet your long-lost adventure buddy...Edith, originally from Porto Rico joined BCO when she became an empty nester, and a friend suggested it was time for her to live life on her terms. Hear what her terms just happened to be.  

David was living in Missouri City when he joined BCO. He decided it was time for more in life than just work and happy hours. He was leading a casual BCO bike ride when he first met Edith.  

How do you bring your active lifestyle to Houston with you? Nan moved back to Houston from Washington DC where she had lead a very active lifestyle. She arrived in Houston and found BCO in an internet search. Almost the day day a co-worker told her to look BCO up. As she says; she has never looked back.  

From meeting lifelong friends to leading a dream trip kayaking in the San Juan Islands. Nan has found that even in a city that's known exclusively for restaurants, there's a lot of outdoor fun and friends to be found.

When love grows overtime...Eric & Kimberlee talk about how shared interests and activities allow relationships to grow overtime. You get to know people on a deeper level then just dinner and a movie and a fleeting hope this it could be a fit.

Eric was a cyclist and Kimberlee enjoyed a lot of hiking and walking and so even though they were both active the possiblty of them meeting outside of BCO was slim. 

Photo by Lance Johnson

What's an empty-nester to do? Aimee & Wayne's last daughter was out of the house and off to University. They suddenly realized that they were doing nothing. It had been all about the kids. They found themselves sitting on the sofa watching tv.  

Aimee realized that this wasn't working for them. She says "BCO saved our marriage." They are active in the group, finding new things to do in Houston and have revitalized their life. They started out by trying standup paddleboarding and now are planning a kayak camping trip that was just a pipe dream before BCO.

Bayou City Outdoors brought us together

I'm Kelly Howard, and Bayou City Outdoors is my passion.  

It's important to me to have an active lifestyle filled with friends, fun & adventure. If you are around me for any length of time, you'll hear that word FUN again and again. I was looking for friends who wanted to be active, friends who wanted to do new things, friends who enjoyed a good laugh and didn't mind getting sweaty occasionally. BCO is where I found all this and more. Let me introduce you ~ Kelly  

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