Houston Outdoor Live Backpacking
Houston Outdoor Live Backpacking


Imagine, after a day of hiking through forests, mountains & deserts, you get to relax in a remote campsite using only what you have brought in your backpack. 

Backpacking is the ultimate way to get outside! 

One of the big mistakes of backpacking is over packing. Learn to keep your pack light enough to carry while still packing everything you need. We will have a packing demo and weighing-in session to demonstrate live the value of choosing your gear carefully. 

Topics Covered: 

  • Getting permits and learning the system 
  • Food and water needs and options
  • Backcountry toilets and beyond
  • Building up to carrying your pack
  • How to pack your pack, lighter is better
  • What you need in your first aid kit 
  • Filtering water with several different types of filters
  • Staying safe around potential predators
  • How, where and why to hang your personal effects and food 

You'll also be able to download the free #10Essentials for Backpacking that evening - we promise to get you Backpacking in style! Everything you need to know, buy, skip, learn and carry in a single, awesome Tip Sheet. *** Take it on the road! Barely 50 miles north of town is the Lone Star Trail, 128 miles of backpack and hiking heaven. 

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Houston Outdoor LIVE!


Jun 7 | 6:45pm


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