BCO Registration is Open!

How did BCO come about?

"Ready to get to know Houston? To know a bunch of different cool people? Join BCO! You will find plenty of people to get to hang out with. With activities like trail running, MS150 group training rides, wine tastings, farmers market bike rides, bayou walks, Halloween costume parties, art openings, eating out events, kayaking, SUP, Miller Outdoor Theatre events, we do it all! And if that wasn't enough, we also travel! From as far away as Alaska to Costa Rica to just the backyard of Fredericksburg."

Eric H

“Thank you all so much. If it wasn't for BCO, I certainly wouldn't have so many warm wishes for my birthday. You all make me feel like family and I love you all.” 

Terry S

“When I moved to Houston, I didn't know many people so a colleague recommended Bayou City Outdoors (BCO). I went on the Monday and Wednesday evening walks and made wonderful friends so quickly after I joined the club. I now enjoy walking, cycling, hiking and kayaking, as well as going to regular socials, and always know someone! We are very lucky to have BCO in Houston – good people, good times!” 

 Margaret S.

This sounds amazing, what does membership include?

  • Unlimited Access to the BCO calendar with an almost unlimited number of events each month. All you have to do is show up. Nothing to plan. No work to do. No friends to beg. Just show up and have fun with people who really do like to try new things, get active and know how to enjoy a good party! 

  • FREE Loaner Gear. Want to kayak but no room to store a boat? Borrowe one. Looking to try standup paddling boarding? Grab a board. Want to camp, like maybe one time? Borrow the camping gear. Need a bike? Grab one!

  • Full Membership to all our Sister Clubs. Traveling to Austin? Check out what Hill Country Outdoors has on their Austin calendar. Going to the Alamo? Join Adventure Club San Antionio for so fun while you're there. Want to wakeboard? Jump on our Houston sister club's calendar and see what's happening at HTXOutdoors.

  • BCO Buddy System. Ready for your first event but don't want to show up solo? Request a BCO Buddy. We'll get you a Buddy to introduce you around, show you the ropes and make you feel right at home.

  • BCO Event Leaders. Every event is lead by a one of our Event Leaders, and they are pros. Some leaders have several events a month, some lead one event a year. What they all do is bring their knowledge, know how and love for introducing people and activites.

  • Travel. Travel Texas. Travel the World. It is difficult to find people who love to travel AND ACTUALLY GO! Anyone can talk about where they want to go. We do it. Every year we hold 30+ trips. Ready to sail the Greek Islands? Done. Want to hike with us in Spain, let's go! Love the Texas Hill Country? So do we. 

  • Friends. Friends. Friends. What makes BCO so amazing are the people you are going to meet. 

There is NO RISK in our all reward group! We're not complicated. Try us for 30 days and if we're not for you, no problem. We'll give you a full refund, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Choose your Membership Level

Can 2 peope join together? Absolutely!

We love BCO and want you feel the same way! We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Exclusive New Member Events: 

It's easy to show up at events when you know there will be Event Leaders to introduce you around & new members to meet. 

Plus - we'll have tasty appetizers!

Member Orientations:  

Chat with Kelly directly at one of two, New Member Orientations. You'll get all your questions answered, learn the ropes, and get help with your profile. You can also learn all about what you need for different events and have your gear and loaner questions addressed. 

Annual memberships:

Grab a BCO water bottle with your membership and a special renewal rate of only $250 (individual membership) or $300 (2-person membership), for a full year!

We're the go-to organization for Houston media!

BCO members never worry about "what to do" or "who wants to go"  

You'll have instant access to all the events on our jam packed calendar & full access to our sister companies. Loaner gear, BCO buddy system, travel, 101 clasess, private FB group. We do the work – you simply show up. From setting up events to travel to dinners and bike rides and everything in-between. All you ever need to do is RSVP and then join us!

A crazy fun group of members in Houston & the surrounding burbs to hand with! We are a group of people who enjoy doing similar things, active & social. Plus, learning new things and seeing the world. We have a good mix of singles, couples, males & females.

Easy introductions for new members. By limiting Membership open dates we can create private parties, events and orientations just for you. You’ll get the scoop and you make new friends in a cozier setting. Then, when you head to the next M&G you already have a kindred BCO’ers. This just makes it easier and easier to get to know everyone.

The #1 reason people love BCO? It’s our members, we attract the cream of the cream, people you just love to spend time playing with.

Member profilesSee who is on the RSVP list with you. Plus, profiles help you remember everyone’s name and you can reconnect with new friends through the online email system. 

Free Loaner Gear We love our gear and we also know it’s expensive! Before you run out and buy gear, borrow it from us! We have camping gear, kayaks, even some casual bikes to loan out. Wait to buy or rent until you know exactly what it is you need!

BCO Buddies - We'll assign you a Buddy to introduce you around and show you the ropes!

It’s fun to buy new gear, it’s “funner” knowing you made the right choices by trying it out first.

Beginner 101 & Graduate classes! Want to know how to pack your backpack, or even what you might? Ready to learn the in’s and out’s of kayaking strokes and water safety? It’s a good feeling knowing you can change your bike tire or adjust your brakes if you need to. Or, pass on some knowledge to a new hiker about trekking poles and boots. We are here to help you with the ins and outs and even get you on the way to pro statue if that’s your gig!

We don’t stop sharing and teaching once You Know the Ropes. There are always more maps, checklists, trail guides, videos, even live events to help you take on the adventures you have been looking for.

The World Beyond Houston. While a lot of events are exploring Houston, we love to Travel! Travel ranges from "On a Budget" to "Full Experience" package. We travel around Texas, the US and the World! We’ve travelled millions of miles over the years to far away adventures like New Zealand, Antarctic, Mount Everest and just a touch closer like Spain, Greece, Italy, Ecuador, Costa Rica, well we actually don’t have enough to go on. Trust us – we get around the world.


We travel Texas, across the US and around the world. Usually 30++ trips each and every year

 Forever Friends at BCO feel like family (but maybe better since you picked them). Once you are a part of the fam, you’re always a part, even when you move far, far away.Heading to Spain, join us as we drop in Elena. Hopping over to Australia? Can’t go there without saying hi to Jackie and when in New York we drop by Broadway and see Brenda in her latest show – no kidding you’ll have friends all over the world!


Membership Closes 6/22 - we'll reopen in Jan 2019