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BCO Registration Closes Friday


It was an early Sunday morning, and I was at Huntsville State Park getting ready to head out on a ride. Birds are singing, the sun shining, it’s beautiful in the park, and I was wishing I wasn’t there. I was heading out on a ride that I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with. I’m a pretty good rider, but he was faster. Has that ever happened to you? You're afraid you can’t keep up, or you’ll look like an amateur when you try something new? It has certainly happened to me.  

Anyway, back to that Sunday morning. I’m slowly putting on my helmet and getting mentally ready to get left in the dirt and up pulls this SUV, bikes on back. These four women jump out; they’re grinning, chatting, they grab their bikes and head off onto the trails. I can hear them laughing all the way into the woods. 

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. Where do you find friends like that? Friends who want to be active, friends who want to do the things you want to do.  

It was a big WOW moment for me, and I knew right then I wanted that too.  

BCO is where I found friends, fun, new activities I had never done before, adventure. Let me introduce you ~ Kelly

Meet a few Members

BCO members never worry about "what to do" or "who wants to go"  

You'll have instant access to all the events on our jam packed calendar & full access to our sister companies. Loaner gear, BCO buddy system, travel, 101 clasess, private FB group.

We do the work – you simply show up. From setting up events to travel to dinners and bike rides and everything in-between. All you ever need to do is RSVP and then join us!

A crazy fun group of members in Houston & the surrounding burbs to hand with! We are a group of people who enjoy doing similar things, active & social. Plus, learning new things and seeing the world. We have a good mix of singles, couples, males & females.

Easy introductions for new members. By limiting Membership open dates we can create private parties, events and orientations just for you. You’ll get the scoop and you make new friends in a cozier setting. Then, when you head to the next M&G you already have a kindred BCO’ers. This just makes it easier and easier to get to know everyone.

The #1 reason people love BCO? It’s our members, we attract the cream of the cream, people you just love to spend time playing with.

Member profiles – See who is on the RSVP list with you. Plus, profiles help you remember everyone’s name and you can reconnect with new friends through the online email system 

Borrow Gear – We love our gear and we also know it’s expensive! Before you run out and buy gear, borrow it from us! We have camping gear, kayaks, even some casual bikes to loan out. Wait to buy or rent until you know exactly what it is you need!

It’s fun to buy new gear, it’s “funner” knowing you made the right choices by trying it out first.

Beginner 101 & Graduate classes! Want to know how to pack your backpack, or even what you might? Ready to learn the in’s and out’s of kayaking strokes and water safety? It’s a good feeling knowing you can change your bike tire or adjust your brakes if you need to. Or, pass on some knowledge to a new hiker about trekking poles and boots. We are here to help you with the ins and outs and even get you on the way to pro statue if that’s your gig!

We don’t stop sharing and teaching once You Know the Ropes. There are always more maps, checklists, trail guides, videos, even live events to help you take on the adventures you have been looking for.

The World Beyond Houston. While a lot of events are exploring Houston, we love to Travel! Travel ranges from "On a Budget" to "Full Experience" package. We travel around Texas, the US and the World! We’ve travelled millions of miles over the years to far away adventures like New Zealand, Antarctic, Mount Everest and just a touch closer like Spain, Greece, Italy, Ecuador, Costa Rica, well we actually don’t have enough to go on. Trust us – we get around the world.

We travel Texas, across the US and around the world. Usually 30++ trips each year.

You’ll make Forever Friends that feel like family (but maybe better since you picked them). Once you are a part of the fam, you’re always a part, even when you move far, far away.Heading to Spain, join us as we drop in Elena. Hopping over to Australia? Can’t go there without saying hi to Jackie and when in New York we drop by Broadway and see Brenda in her latest show – no kidding you’ll have friends all over the world!

Discounts If we can save some dollars with our local partners like the RenFest, Hangar 9, Texas Rock Gym, bike stores, massage and more, then we can have even more fun along the way.

Buddy Program – We know it's hard to show up to the first ( or fifth) event by yourself. Let us arrange a BCO buddy for you to introduce you around and show you the ropes. As often as you want.

You never have to show up feeling like the odd-person out, we’ve got your back and your backpack - Let's go!


Join Quick - Membership Closes 6/29


BCO gives you with the opportunity to enjoy more of what Houston (and the world) has to offer while in the company of like-minded, fun, adventure seekers. We are the largest social & activity club of it’s kind. We offer a packed event calendar for you to pick and choose the events of you want. Each month we typically hold 80 to 100 events. This is great for meeting other like-minded fun folks, if you're new in town, or you just want to get more out of life in Houston. BCO allows you to have fun and meet new people in a relaxed, no-pressure environment!


No, we are not a singles club. We have approximately 55% singles and 45% couples, but those are just numbers! We have married members who come because their spouse travels or doesn’t have the same interests. We have single people who love BCO because they never feel like they are in an uncomfortable social situation. That said, we have had a lot of marriages over the years. And, the cool thing? Those couples who met through BCO stick around and love to introduce new people to the group. It’s a crowd you want to hang out with.


NO! We’ve heard rumors of organizations that make you wait. We think that is just silly. You join and then you are in. We WANT to see you at something soon or even sooner.


Actually, it seems to work just the opposite. By only opening membership at set periods, we can guarantee that you easily get to know other new members before you head out on your own. We would NEVER call our crowd “cliquey”. It is just natural when people get together with people they already know, they chat. So by creating private, new member only events, you’re ensured of new buddies right from the get go.


Here’s how Kelly explains HTXO. “I’m in my 50’s. I think I’m in my 20’s but I’ll be damned if 20 year olds don’t think I’m in my 50’s. I’ve noticed they don’t always want to hang with me, especially at socials. What happens is they come to a social and then don’t come back and just don’t use their membership. I really hate that, I want to see everyone connecting at events.” HTXO was created. If you are in your 20’s to mid 30’s and feel more comfortable with that age group – join HTXO. You still have full access to all the BCO events. And, BCO’ers have full access to all the HTXO events. It’s just a way to help Houstonians find a tribe they truly resonate with. Rumor has it Kelly goes to the HTXO socials just make them squirm :)


We use VeriSign to process our online transactions. Your credit card number and information is never made available, even to the management of the club. This stops Kelly from being tempted to run away to the islands with the members cards :-) 


We understand privacy. BCO will never divulge information about its members to anyone. Your member profile gives you the option to display your personal information to other members of the club only if you choose to do so. You can contact other members via the site and have complete privacy doing so. 


Login, select My Events in the left navigation bar. You'll see all the events you've RSVP'ed for next to a green dot. Just select "withdraw" to remove your name from the event you're unable to attend. Or, you can just drop the Event Leader an email and let them know you will not be attending. If you forget? NP we are all human

Of course. We're so sure you'll love being a part of our membership that we offer a full, money-back guarantee within 30 days of signing up for your membership.

Unless otherwise noted in the Event Payment Details, as a general rule, refunds may be obtained provided that cancellations are received at least 72 hours prior to the Event. However, refunds for events are not guaranteed. Refunds depend upon the policies of 3rd party vendors and other factors. You can cancel via the website or simply email administrator@bayoucityoutdoors.com to be removed and refunded. Or, call the office at 713-524-3567.

To cancel your monthly membership, simply login and go to your account profile and cancel there. Or, if you prefer you can email your request to: administrator@bayoucityoutdoors.com at least 3 days before your next renewal date.

That depends on the specific event. Not every event is kid or pet friendly. In the description of each event will be icons telling you whether kids or pets are welcome to attend. If you don’t see that it is pet or kid friendly, just email the Event Leader to ask. Sometimes we forget to mark it as such. Typically, pet events that are outdoors must be under 80 degrees and the kids we usually keep out of the bars. 

We do the planning and organizing and even get you exclusive discounts for BCO. You just show up and have fun! Your BCO dues get you access to the full BCO website and Calendar. Only members have the ability to see the full details of every event including times, places, maps, directions and contact information. Members can RSVP for events on the BCO site as well. Most events are for members and their guests only.

Most events are free but it depends on the event. You are never charged an event fee just because it is an event! If we are going out to dinner, you simply pay your own way. If we have pre-purchased tickets, travel etc. then you pay via the website. Each event listing clearly states if it is free or not, and if not, what the anticipated costs will be. We always strive to get group discounts for our members.

Guests are usually welcome at BCO events. In the description of each event will be an icon telling you whether guests are welcome to attend. We do enforce a couple of guidelines in the interest of fairness to all members. Members will take priority over guests at events where space is limited. There are some events that are not open to guests, typically events with limited space or held at a private home.